How trendy is too trendy?

In this unfiltered psychoanalysis, founder Tenlie Mourning explores the avant basic aesthetic and defines “trendy” as following someone else’s muse instead of your own. Tenlie Mourning offering a litmus test for interior styling with intention: How trendy is too trendy?

Geoglam: For the Love of Eighties Opulence

Geoglam — also called cocaine decor —, popular in the 1980s, features geometric forms and lots of reflective surfaces and has enjoyed a recent resurgence.

Moving Beyond White Bouclé: The Rise of Euro Cloud Home

White bouclé satisfied a collective need for coziness and eased us out of the twenty-teens’ stark minimalism. The textile promises to be a bridge from purist minimalism to a new aesthetic of dreamy playfulness: Euro Cloud Home.

The Case for Bottle Green

Dendwell’s Jenna Hochman charts the popularity and rise of vintage furniture and decor in this bottle green shade in Dendwell’s trend report series, Is this a thing?

The Delightful Objects Theory of Home Decorating

In this “mega trend,” there is no guiding design schema placed onto a blank canvas. Pieces are not necessarily selected to fill a position within the space. Rather, the objects themselves guide the room, which is assembled like a pastiche.