Names to Know: 17 Women in Design

The month of March is dedicated to honoring women’s history, and women’s design history is nothing short of iconic. In this Primer by Dendwell, learn more about 17 women whose designs have shaped and continue to influence how we live.

What’s in a Hearth? Chefs and Hosting Experts Share their Vintage Dining Sets

Five preeminent foodies and hosts chat about their current vintage dining set, how they lay a beautiful table, and what makes for a great dinner party. Featuring Bonnie’s Calvin Eng, Yung Kombucha’s Aimee France, Head Chef of the Swedish Consulate Simon Hoas, Fude’s Charlie Ann Max, and Nir Sarig of Eti’s.

Making It Look Easy with Sean of Spears Furnishing

Dendwell’s series showcasing Instagram vintage sellers, A Seller’s Eye, features the Postmodern King of Chicago, Sean of Spears Furnishing who makes sourcing and selling iconic vintage furniture look easy.

Stooping For Sport

The Stoop Sale’s Anarchist Cousin Where Brooklynites Find Vintage Treasures For Free