Curate your living space collaboratively

Find objects and ideas, create collaborative, digital spaces, and connect with a curated network of your peers, vetted creators, brands and vintage sellers. 




Clip objects and ideas from a curated set of creators, brands, and vintage sellers to your digital ✨space✨


Within your space, use our visual organization tool to collaboratively curate object sets, plan your shop, set a budget, and chat with collaborators. 


Single cart checkout for all of your finds. Simple and secure. 

Made for community

Every space and set you curate on Dendwell is automatically public, meaning your ideas for your space serve to inspire others — and vice versa. 

By sharing inspiration and information within our community, we hope that a designed life at home can become not something just to be aspired to, but a daily ritual. ✨

Designed for digital

💡 We need to trust that objects for the home will look good, fit, and last in our spaces. 

With support from your community, visual styling, buy-lists, budget tracking, and customizable compare tables, we’ve put the tools you need to feel empowered as you shop under one roof.

Design is a tool, home is a feeling

Our mission is to empower people to make spaces — that they are proud of, that reflect their respect for themselves and those around them, that were created with intention and without thoughtless consumption, and that are manifestations of their authentic individuality.

We call these spaces of dignity.

Partner with us

Dendwell is built to support a curated collective of brands, vintage sellers, and creators doing work in the home space. We’d love to see what you’re making.